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The Military Aircraft as we know it today, had its beginnings in the First World War, but it was not initially an American development. In fact, no American designed fighter were actually used in the war because they were years behind European technology. At the time America entered the war, the only suitable planes available were British and French machines, many already proven in combat. When the United States did start building aircraft, they were license built versions of European designs. The first American developed fighters began to appear in 1918, but even these new planes drew heavily on established European patterns. Gradually American aircraft development established a course of its own and distinctive new designs Paralleled, if not led world aircraft technology. Aircraft design is still progressing. With speeds up to three times that of sound easily attained, radical concepts in propulsion are being devised to enable the modern aircraft to stand still in the air as well. Air combat of the future could extend from a tennis court size field to the fringes of space. American technology is trying to assure that wherever a fighting aircraft is needed, an American aircraft will be available to fulfill the requirements.



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Beech Bell Boeing
Brewster Cessna Consolidated
Convair Curtiss Douglas
Enstrom Fairchild Gates / Learjet
General Dynamics Grumman GM Fisher
Gulfstream Hughes Keystone
Lockheed Martin McDonnell
McDonnell Douglas North American Northrop
Piper Republic Rockwell
Sikorsky Thomas Morse Vought / LTV
Vultee Waco  



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