Assorted Air Show Photos


The air show was located on the closed NAS field which is now the Goodyear Regional Airport. At the time of the show, the field was stagnant so the town gave permission for the C.A.F. to have their event there. The show consisted of various fly overs and a reenactment of Pearl Harbor using the T-6 Texans that starred as Zeros in the movie. These shots are the B-17 of the Arizona Wing: the Sentimental Journey with a clipped and enlarged part of the flyover shot. The same setup with a P-38 Lightning. Also to come later are a PBY and a P-51. Wow, listening to the Mustang go over let's you know just why the ground troops were so elated when the P-51s came to their aid.



P-40 Unknown Spitfire Spitfire


P-38 P-38 B-17 B-17




PBY Catalina PBY Catalina    



 Champlain Fighter Museum at Falcon Field in Mesa, AZ.1994



Me-109 Messerschmitt Russian T-34 tank    



Chanute AFB 1960 Travis AFB 1994 Lowry AFB
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